Storm Kings Thunder

In search of the towns folk.

2016-10-12 Recap

After a short rest, our party headed north, the direction of the missing towns folk.

We eventually track them to a cave. Once inside, we attacked and killed a couple of ogres, and some goblins.

Upon searching one of the tunnels, Belok provoked a Black Pudding, who bloodied our noses pretty badly, although we did all manage to survive the encounter (barely).

We then searched another tunnel where we discovered the townspeople, who refused to leave the cave until we'd dealt with Hark, the "Big Boss" that we were told about by the goblins in Nightstone.

We then searched yet another tunnel, which led us to find a hiding goblin, who's agreed to help us if we let him be the new "big boss". He's going to keep some other goblins busy while we take care of Hark.

We know where he is. And who he's with (some body guards). Hopefully we'll be able to deal with him and survive the encounter.



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