Storm Kings Thunder

Thank you random elves

2016-10-05 Recap

After a good nights rest, the party interrogated Kella Darkhope.

Unfortunately, we couldn't get much out of her other than the Zhentarim wanted Nightstone as a base of operations.

She gave us an amulet that means her death if the Zhentarim attack Nightstone again.

We then sent her with the town guards to Waterdeep where she'll face punishment for what she did.

On our way out the door, we ran up against a small horde of orcs, who were clearly fleeing some elves (some of them had elvish arrows in them).

After attempting to climb the wall, we beat some of them back. By then a second group of orcs had breached the via the bridge.

Fortunately for us, the elves that were obviously chasing them arrived and helped us clean the whole lot of them up.

The elves then picked up and left without any dialog whatsoever. So odd.



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